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President's Weekly Round-up: 27 July

NZPA - Greg O'Connor | Mon July 27th, 2015

Corrections boss Ray Smith may have some explaining to do.

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President's Weekly Round-up: 20 July

NZPA - Greg O'Connor | Mon July 20th, 2015

Sometimes a police incident involving attacks on our members attracts the attention, sympathy, and even outrage of the public.  One such case occurred last week.

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President's Column: Judging from the grandstands

Vol. 48, No. 6 | NZPA | Wed July 1st, 2015

Those who get pleasure watching police get a proverbial clip around the ears would have enjoyed their grandstand seats over the past couple of weeks.

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President's Column: The 'tough on crime' debate

Vol. 48, No. 5 | NZPA | Mon June 1st, 2015

Police officer shootings and beatings of black suspects in the United States have become a topic of outrage and discussion around the world. 

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President's Column: How policy affects policing

Vol. 48, No. 4 | NZPA | Fri May 1st, 2015

Police officers often have little understanding or regard for policy and those who develop it, but they are very quickly affected by strategies that are introduced and implemented without good policy research.

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President's Column: Playing a long game

Vol. 48, No. 3 | NZPA | Wed April 1st, 2015

We walk a fine line here at the Association. Maintaining our credibility as well-informed commentators on law and order issues is essential. 

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President's Column: A dumping ground for others' problems

Vol. 48, No. 2 | NZPA | Sun March 1st, 2015

If you ever wanted evidence of how Police end up as the dumping ground for everyone else’s problems, just look at what is happening with the remand prisoner issue in Auckland and surrounding districts.

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President's Column: Threats to officers

Vol. 48, No. 1 | NZPA | Sun February 1st, 2015

We are now well into a new year that promises plenty of action.

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President's Column: Another year comes to an end

Vol. 47, No. 11 | NZPA | Mon December 1st, 2014

Another year comes to an end, and it’s a good time to reflect on the policing year.

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President's Column: Hot topics in the media

Vol. 47, No. 10 | NZPA | Mon November 10th, 2014

Often during our conference the media cotton on to one issue, and this year the commentary became about arming of police, even though the only agenda item to do with arming was about the unavailability of weapons in stations.

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President's Column - Threats against staff

Vol. 47, No. 9 | NZPA | Wed October 1st, 2014

In the wake of the Ashburton Work and Income office homicides, Work and Income bosses have announced they will take a zero tolerance approach to threats against staff in future.

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President's Column - An uncomfortable watch

Vol. 47, No. 8 | NZPA | Mon September 1st, 2014

I watched the recent TV programme that dramatised the Louise Nicholas story. Everyone in Police will be familiar with the story of a young woman’s exploitation by some police officers in the Bay of Plenty, the allegations and subsequent court actions around sexual abuse and the commission of inquiry that followed.

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President’s Column – Policing in a user-pays country

Vol. 47, No. 7 | NZPA | Fri August 1st, 2014

I was lucky enough to have a week’s holiday in Asia last month. Apart from enjoying the warmth, the food and the relaxation, I also witnessed a very stark piece of police corruption.

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President's Column - Policing trends around the world

Vol. 47, No. 6 | NZPA | Tue July 1st, 2014

Last month I was privileged to be reappointed chairman of the International Council of Police Representative Associations (ICPRA), the international body that we are a member of. 

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President's Column - Budget cuts affect us all

Vol. 47, No. 5 | NZPA | Sun June 1st, 2014

The problem with relying on disasters to fix the budget is that is we all get burnt in the meantime.

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President's Column - The best victories are often never celebrated

Vol. 47, No. 4 | NZPA | Thu May 1st, 2014

The saying goes that the best victories are often never celebrated. 

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President's Column - Be wary of public service restructures

Vol. 47, No. 3 | NZPA | Tue April 1st, 2014

I see that Corrections, one of the government departments that Police is working more closely with, has announced yet another restructure. 

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President's Column - Blind obedience never works

Vol. 47, No. 2 | NZPA | Sat March 1st, 2014

The business media these days is full of superlatives and confidence about what is being described internationally as New Zealand’s “rock star economy”.

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President's Column - Dead man's shoes

Vol. 47, No. 1 | NZPA | Sat February 1st, 2014

I recently delivered a eulogy at the funeral of retired Assistant Commissioner Graeme Dallow. 

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President's Column - It never rains but it pours

Vol 46, No.11 | NZPA | Sun December 1st, 2013

“It never rains but it pours”, as the old cliché goes. That’s certainly true of the incidents and accusations currently being levelled at police.

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President's Column - Your Association needs you

Vol 46, No.10 | NZPA | Fri November 1st, 2013

This month I was humbled to be re-elected as Police Association President. The election has invigorated the organisation as members became aware that there was a contested election and, as a result, gained an understanding of how the organisation works.

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President's Column - Reducing assaults on police

Vol 46, No.9 | NZPA | Tue October 1st, 2013

Another month, another serious assault on one of our own.

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President's Column - Supporting calls for inquiry

Vol. 46. No.8 | NZPA | Sun September 1st, 2013

Over the years, I have seen the innocence industry become a lucrative and damaging part of the policing and justice environment. 

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President's Column - Contrary to popular belief

Vol. 46, No.7 | NZPA | Thu August 1st, 2013

I always thought that post-colonial New Zealand was based on the good old Judeo- Christian European civilisation, a world in which individuals are free to choose their creed and manner in which they worship.

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President's Column - Staffing issue no surprise

Vol 46, No. 6 | NZPA | Mon July 1st, 2013

This month we report back the first results of our members’ survey. Those who took the time to fill out the survey have provided us, and indeed the Police administration, with valuable insight into how we are travelling as an organisation.

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President's Column - Don't know what you've got until it's gone

Vol. 46, No.5 | NZPA | Sat June 1st, 2013

Some time ago, I wrote in this column of my concerns at how the role of senior sergeant is being diminished, and being removed from the administrative chain of command. Instead, the position now becomes more of a functional one, often with no direct reports.

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President's Column - I rest my case

Vol 46. No.4 | NZPA | Wed May 1st, 2013

The recent publicity around the Arthur Allan Thomas case has served as a reminder to us all of the major impact that case had on police reputation.

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President's Column - Staying balanced during changing times

Vol 46. No 3 | NZPA | Tue April 2nd, 2013

I recently heard the head of a government body talk about “business-as-usual being the enemy of innovation”. He was speaking about the Canterbury rebuild and the opportunities that had been created for his organisation to innovate out of a situation where a new normal now exists, and people have accepted life will never be the same.

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President's Column - Ominous parallels between Police and Defence

Vol 46.No.2 | NZPA | Fri March 1st, 2013

This month’s Police News features an article on the result of major changes and budget reductions in Defence.

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President's Column - Assaults on Police

Vol 46. No 1 | NZPA | Fri February 1st, 2013

As we contemplate the new year, and what it promises policing wise, we need to first reflect on our colleagues who were punched, kicked, and abused while doing their jobs.

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