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Director and Deputy Director Positions

Results of the elections for the position of director and deputy director for each of the following regions are as follows:

Region 1 Waitemata/Northland

  • Director: Murray Fenton
  • Deputy Director: Michael Colson

Region 2 Auckland City

  • Director: Emiel Logan
  • Deputy Director: Lisa Ross

Region 3 Waikato/Bay of Plenty

  • Director: Scott Thompson
  • Deputy Director: Derek Lamont

Region 4 Eastern/Central

  • Director: Paul Ormerod
  • Deputy Director: Brenden Ross

Region 5 Wellington, PNHQ and RNZPC

  • Director: Sarah Stirling
  • Deputy Director: Malcom Pilkington

Region 6 Tasman/Canterbury

  • Director: Paul Hampton
  • Deputy Director: Harriet Murray

Region 7 Southern

  • Director: Steven Watt
  • Deputy Director: Anthony Bond

Congratulations to those elected to these executive positions within the police association.  Your willingness to invest your skills, time and energy into the association and welfare fund is much appreciated.