Firearms related offences against police officers

NZPA | Thu June 2nd, 2016

TV3 news outlet Newshub requested information from Police on the number of times police officers were threatened with a firearm.

Police responded: The total number of firearms related assaults police crimes was:

2012 - 4

2013 - 8

2014 - 7

2015 - 10

The police numbers seem low and we assume they must relate to instances where officers were fired upon, as our own survey results below indicate a much higher number of officers threatened with firearms in the last 12 months.

In our 2015 Police Association Member Survey we asked members: "Have you been threatened with a firearm in the past year?"

341 constabulary members said they had been threatened with a firearm, 9% of the 3817 total respondentsOf this, around 300 were frontline officers. This equates to 10% of the frontline members who responded. 

NZPA Member Survey 2015 results - Q17 Threatened with a firearm


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