Employment Advice / Advocacy

One of the primary services of the Police Association is providing some 8,600 sworn police members across all ranks, and more than 2,300 non-sworn members, with employment advice and advocacy specific to the Police working environment.

Members are active in engaging in debate and discussion within the Association on matters relevant to policing. The high engagement level of the membership and our strong local committee structure, teamed with specialised industrial staff, ensures the Association can advocate credibly on behalf of members.

To access the full range of employment information and advice available to Association members, you need to have the relevant membership and be logged in.

Key services include:

  • Investigation and negotiation of pay and conditions.

  • Enforcement of employment agreements and contracts, and of decisions.

  • Occupational-based legal assistance to protect the professional interests of members in matters of a legal nature arising out of their employment.

  • Conveying members’ concerns to the Police Department, the media and the public.  While individual members are restricted in what they can say publicly, there are no such restrictions on the Association.

  • Promoting only members’ interests, and not favouring any political party or interest group.

  • Advising on employment rights and obligations.

  • Supporting members who have been disadvantaged or unfairly treated, and acting as advocate in personal grievances.