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If you become incapacitated, through illness or age, it can cause problems for your family. Without an EPA, they can’t make decisions on your behalf without going through the family court, which can be costly and stressful.

There are two types of EPA:

Property: A person or organisation can be appointed to manage your financial affairs and assets. A property EPA can also act for you temporarily, for example, if you are overseas and need someone to make financial decisions on your behalf at home.

Personal care and welfare: Only an individual (a trusted friend or relative) can be given this role, which  involves taking care of matters such as your medical decisions, accommodation arrangements and buying clothing and personal items.

An EPA has to act in your best interests, so it’s important to appoint someone you trust implicitly.

Perpetual Guardian can help you identify a suitable EPA and offer an impartial opinion.


Property EPA

Personal care and welfare EPA


From $150

From $150

From $300

Prices do not include any fee payable to a party outside Perpetual Guardian where legislation requires an independent witness.

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