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Holiday homes remain open under the Red Traffic Light setting but there are changes to our refund process.

Important Changes:

  • All bookings made before 23January 2022*  may be eligible for a refund, but subsequent bookings will not be eligible for a refund unless they meet the specific criteria outlined in our Covid-19 Procedures.
  • Members cannot use the Holiday Homes for Covid-19 self-isolation.
  • Members required to self-isolate or who test positive for Covid-19 during the period of their stay may be eligible for a refund.

Our Terms and Conditions continue to comply with Covid-19 guidelines.


As Covid-19 restrictions still apply we wish to remind members of how they affect our Holiday Homes procedures.

Holiday Homes remain CLOSED in areas under a government-mandated localised lockdown.

Auckland, Stanmore Bay and Waiheke homes are open to local residents within the Auckland border from 6 December 2021.

We strongly advise members against making any bookings if they reside in an area currently under a government-mandated localised lockdown as this may impact on their eligibility for a full refund.

Please refer to our updated Covid-19 procedures page for more information on bookings, cancellations and refunds under the current situation. Our Terms and Conditions still apply for general bookings. 

View our Holiday Homes Covid-19 Procedures

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] or phone 0800 500 122, between 8am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Due to the increased level of demand on our Member Services Centre team, we ask that members please avoid calling unless absolutely necessary.

Stay up to date with Covid-19 at

Police Welfare Fund

COVID-19 - Police Group Life & Life Extra Insurances

There are no exclusions under the life extra or group life polices for vaccine related deaths, nor are AIA looking at making this an exclusion under the policies.  In the event that your death was caused by the Covid vaccine, then your claim would still be payable (and this applies to anyone else insured under the policy).

COVID-19 - Fire & General Insurance

Important information for our Fire & General Insurance customers

Expired WOFs
If your WOF expires during Level 3 or 4, this will not affect the outcome of any claim that you have to make. Your vehicle insurance will still be in place and effective, as long as there aren’t any safety issues that would mean you would not get a WOF – like tyres needing to be replaced. You will also be covered if you have an accident, again as long as the accident isn’t a result of an existing safety issue.

Property inspections
Landlords (or property managers on your behalf) are required to carry out property inspections to meet your insurance requirements and find any maintenance issues. During level 3 and 4, these inspections are not able to be carried out.  Any claim where the lack of inspection may be material to the loss will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Expired drivers licences
If your drivers licence expired during the lockdown period this will also not affect any claim you make, so long as you would have been able to renew your licence had lockdown not occurred.

You will need to renew your WOF or driver’s licence as soon as practically possible when the lock down period ends.

Construction works
If you have a contact works policy with us, that is about to expire and the house is not yet at practical completion stage, you need this policy extended – please email us and we can provide an extension form to extend the cover.

Intentions of Moving House?
We have options available to work with you to make this less painful than the delay of the move is – again email us with your dates and we can sort this for you

PWF Roadside Assist under Covid-19

Under Alert Level 4

We are able to support Customers who are involved in providing essential services or who are travelling in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines although this does necessitate some changes to the way we provide AA Roadside Assistance, Battery and Auto Glass services.

All callout requests will be treated as Covid-19 probable cases to ensure the safety of both Customers and AA Staff. Customers will be requested to avoid making close contact with Service Providers and to keep a safe distance of at least 2 meters at all times and may involve arranging to leave vehicle keys in an agreed location.

If a vehicle was to break down and require recovery, our Contact Centre may be in touch to arrange delivery into a dealership, repair facility or to seek further guidance. In this event Customer’s will also be requested to explore alternative transportation for themselves as they will not be able to ride in the recovery vehicle. If there are no other alternative transportation options available, the customer will offered a taxi to transport them to their home or place of safety.


Under Alert Level 3 

Operating under this Alert Level is fundamentally very similar to Alert Level 4, with some allowances for customer who may be non-essential workers but still travelling to/from work.

As a result of this there will be additional screening questions also asked at the time of any call for breakdown assistance.

Customers are still required to avoid making close contact with our Service Officers/Contractors and to stay in their vehicles/in a safe location away from the vehicle with a request to also be wearing a mask.

We will attempt to mobilise any vehicle, however, if this is not possible then the vehicle would be recovered directly to a dealership or nearest place of repair (previously closed under alert level 4).

Given the risks involved, alternate transport arrangements for any passengers will need to be made as they still won’t be able to travel with the recovery vehicle.


Under Alert Level 2 

From past experience generally we see spikes in call/job volume as the country/region adjusts to changes in alert levels and as a result customers may possibly experience longer response times than normal.

Recognising the COVID-19 guidelines, there are also varying conditions under which service can be provided:

  1. Customers experiencing flu like symptoms and/or waiting for a Covid-19 test, either in the queue or waiting at roadside are requested to avoid making close contact with any service providers by staying in the vehicle or in a safe location while maintaining a safe distance of at least 2 meters at wearing a mask all times.
  2. Customers awaiting a Covid-19 test and have been asked to self-isolate are not able to receive service and will be requested to call back once they have a negative COVID test result.


Vehicle Recovery

  1. Customers experiencing flu like symptoms and/or waiting for a Covid-19 test, either in the queue or waiting at roadside are requested to avoid making close contact with any service providers and to wear a mask all times. In alignment with government guidelines, passengers will not be allowed to travel in the tow truck in this situation.
  2. For all other customers outside of a localised lockdown, passengers are able to travel with the recovery vehicle as long as they do not have flu like symptoms and are wearing a face mask. In these situations we will endeavour to find other forms of alternative transportation.


Emergency Situations

In situations of potential serious harm or worse, normal service will be offered with normal emergency procedures being applied.

During this time our focus remains strongly on the safety of our Customers and our staff members and we’ll continue to advise any additional updates as and when the situation changes.

We hope that you continue to stay safe and as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.