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The NZPA app is available for free download on personal and police devices.




Navigating the NZPA mobile app

On your first entry into the app you will be asked to log in using your NZPA website login details.  You will then set a four digit PIN, which will be used to access the app again in the future (so make you don’t forget it!). The PIN keeps your personal details secure.

The Home screen displays your current membership details and a newsfeed teaser.

The Help tab displays advice in two sections – Work, and Products & Services. Under Work you’ll find Critical Incident Advice, for when you are involved in a critical incident and need advice quickly, and Investigation/Legal and Employment Advice. Each section will give you a list of help questions and answers that spell out what you should do and who you should contact.

At the top right corner of the Help tab you will find the Contacts icon. This takes you to a list of your Association reps and their contact details.

The News tab is a feed of recent media of interest and news from the Association. These link either to content on the NZPA website, or to external news sites.

In My Details you can view your existing membership details, your current deductions and your member documents.


Equipt is available for free download on personal and police devices.




A guide to the Equipt 3.0 myShift shiftwork module


Got a question? Read the Questions and Answers about the NZPA app.

We welcome user feedback on both the NZPA and Equipt apps. Please send us your feedback.