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General enquiries:

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0800 500 122

Retired Members COVID-19 Updates

The current Covid-19 pandemic is causing social, health and financial upheaval in many of our lives. As a result you may have questions we can answer so we have created this area of the website specifically for our retired members. Please let us know what other information could be useful via

Our team is available weekdays between 8.30-5.30 as per normal.

They are all working from their homes and have all the information they need to help you.

You can contact them on 0800 500 122 OR

Police Health Plan

Prior approval extension - We have extended the time frame for prior approvals from 60 days to 120 days. If you require more time, please let us know.

Virtual consultations - During lockdown you can still seek medical advice from your GP via ‘virtual consultations’ so don’t wait until the lockdown is over before checking on any health concerns. Contact your doctor for an appointment if you feel you need one. The cost for these appointments can be claimed under your Police Health Plan cover as usual.

Post lockdown prior approvals - We are currently processing prior approvals for post lockdown dates in May and June, so if you’ve submitted a request, you will soon hear from us.

Critical surgery is still covered - Critical surgery required during the period of the lockdown will be covered by your Police Health Plan.

Improving your claims experience - You will soon be able to make Police Health Plan claims online. We will update you on this in May.

Team and help: We expect a decrease in prior approvals while contact with doctors is limited during the lockdown. However our full team is available online to help with any enquiries about claims and/or cover. 

Making claims: If you have any claims you need to make please scan them and email them to us. Covid-19 has severely disrupted postal services so our mail is being collected infrequently. That means a posted claim may take longer than usual to process.

Timing of claims being paid: As soon as we have your claim we will process it and aim to refund you within the normal 1-2 weeks. If you have any questions regarding your current level of cover, feel free to call us on 0800 500 122 during normal business hours.


Police General Insurances

Police vehicle, house and contents insurance policies remain unchanged.

If there are any changes to these policies, we will update the website and email you accordingly.


Police vehicle insurance offers agreed value

However, we do have some good news in terms of agreed values for vehicles. We will now  agree on a value with you for your vehicle and set this as your insured amount. This could save you money in premiums and also removes a surprise down the track if you need to claim for your vehicle and find it’s not valued at what you think it should be. If you are interested, we can organise this for you today so you don’t have to wait until your annual renewal date via

Do you have a rental property?

Our underwriter NZI has recently released this information for those with rental properties. Click here.



Police Travel Insurance

For the latest information on your travel insurance policy please visit our Police Travel Insurance provider website, Allianz.

For up-to-date information on the latest travel advisories from the New Zealand Government, please visit

For general queries, contact Allianz Partners on 0800 800 048 or +64 9 486 0048.

In an emergency, contact Emergency Assistance on + 64 9 486 6868.



Police Holiday Homes

Police Holiday Homes are now closed until 30th May 2020 at the earliest.

This is due to the government’s Covid-19 restrictions and to ensure the safety of our members.

We will continue to assess the Covid-19 situation and will adhere to government advice.

Refunds: All bookings up to this date will be fully refunded. However there may be a delay in processing your refund due to an unprecedented surge of enquiries.

How to get a refund: To activate your refund, you can provide your details now (including your bank account details) OR, email ​​​​​​​with an account number.

Booking homes after this date: you can book homes online but their availability will depend on when the government lifts its restrictions.


Member discounts

If any discounts change during this time we will update the discounts section of the website.



COVID-19 websites and information

The most helpful site about Covid-19 during this time is:

Police website updates -

Healthline - 0800 611 116

Safe Travel -

Ministry of Health -

Radio New Zealand Covid-19 updates -

Stuff news site -

NZ Herald -

The Spinoff -

Kiwisaver information and help -

Student Army have local volunteers helping those in our community who need it most with no phone number -

Useful articles

How to shop safely -

Misinformation and scams -

Public Transaport during this time -

Over 700 police officers and staff in isolation due to coronavirus -

Police Association updates -

Police News Magazine -

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Corona Virus Market Impact - from Advice First -

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Police Credit Union -

Helpful tools to use during Covid-19:

Help for those who can’t access essential services - - where to find which supermarket in your area has collection available and when - A private neighbourhood website designed just for you and your neighbours