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Read in-depth feature stories, news articles and the president's column from each issue of Police News.

  • What's up in Northland?

    Featured ArticlesNZPA - Ellen Brook

    Northland police teams are under siege – gang and drug activity from outside and staffing problems from within. At least that’s the way it’s feeling to the staff and their supervisors. Ellen Brook reports.

  • Leap of faith

    Featured ArticlesNZPA - Ellen Brook

    Sergeant Jonathan Westrupp has no recollection of diving head first through the glass of a second-storey bathroom window during an armed siege in April. Moments beforehand, however, he knows he made a calculated decision that it was the best option to get away from a wanted man who had just shot and killed a police dog in the hallway of the Porirua house. Ellen Brook reports.

  • In dog we trust

    Featured ArticlesNZPA - Heather McDonald

    Last month, Police lost one of its four-legged own when police dog Gazza was killed in the line of duty during an incident in Porirua when an officer was also injured. When police dogs are injured or killed, the whole country responds. The loss is felt deeply, not only by the dog section, but also the Police Dog Trust, which helps fund the breeding and training of our heroic police dogs. Heather McDonald reports on the trust’s vision for the future.

  • Hitting crims where it really hurts

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Spotlight on the Asset Recovery Unit: A blow to the hip pocket of drug dealers and fraudsters is proving to be one of the most potent crime-fighting tools. By Ellen Brook

  • Attack on Bastion Point

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Talk about a bad day on the beat: The day that Community Constable Toddy Martin got stabbed in the face is one he’s had to talk about quite a lot since – reporting to his superiors and to OSH and talking to colleagues. And that’s been good, he says. Not just for him, but for the other officers who were involved and those who heard about it later. By Ellen Brook

  • Lining up for the top job

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    The big question in policing circles right now is who will be the next Commissioner?