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General enquiries:

(04) 496 6800


0800 500 122

Due to the return of hospital surgical procedures post Covid-19, we are experiencing a significant increase in surgical approval requests.  Our team are working hard to process these and apologise for any delays you may experience. 

Please note: Applications for prior approval of surgery must be received at least 10 working days prior to surgery. Please keep this in mind when making arrangements for your surgery.

The Police Health Plan is designed to protect you and your family when you need it most.

The plan is independently owned and operated by Police Health Plan Limited, a subsidiary of the Police Welfare Fund (PWF).

All PWF members and their families are welcome to apply for cover.

Not a member of the Welfare Fund yet? Join here.


Police Health Plan Annual Renewal

Renewals emails and letters have been distributed to members advising that there will be no increase to your Police Health Plan premiums at this time.  However, we will review this position in six months.

Every year we consider our claims experience, medical inflation, benefit levels, and costs in setting health insurance premiums. We then apply the premiums to individual ages (premiums also increase as you age). While an increase is required this year, we have delayed that increase for six months to provide some support to members as we all work through the challenges of Covid-19. 
The lower premium income will not impact the financial strength of the scheme which remains very strong. We are simply using the strength of the scheme to provide immediate support to members. 

Please note, while your premiums haven’t increased due to this year’s renewals, your premiums may increase at the time of your birthday.

We will provide you with more information when premiums are reviewed later in the year.  

If you are unsure of your current premium, simply access your online logon.  
If you haven’t registered to use your online portal, please click the login tab and follow the instructions to request a password.

To note:  Please be aware we are collecting and holding sensitive personal health information. If you the primary member for your plan, please do not share your password otherwise your personal data could be visible to others.