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We all work hard to build up savings and security for our families. Estate planning helps ensure that what you leave behind goes to the right people.

In partnership with Perpetual Guardian, as a Police Association member you receive access to an exclusive discount for estate planning services. This includes; Wills, Trusts and Enduring Power of Attorney.

Standard pricing (effective 1 January 2024) is from $200 for Wills, $200 per EPA, and Trusts - price upon application.


If you do not have a will, the law is very specific about how your estate is divided - and it might not be what you would want for your loved ones. A will gives you control over how your possessions are distributed after you’ve gone and also allows you to name a guardian for your children.

The Perpetual Guardian team are experts in preparing plain English wills that give clear instructions for the distribution of your assets.

Enduring Power of Attorney

You cannot predict what life may throw at you. Whether you have a serious illness, are getting older or even travelling overseas, take the stress away from your family members. Appoint an EPA so they can make decisions on your behalf without going through a costly and stressful court process. 


Setting up a trust is an excellent way of protecting your family's wealth for future generations. Your assets are looked after by a trustee for future beneficiaries, and are kept safe from any claims made against your assets after you’ve gone. 

For more information on Estate Planning services with a Perpetual Guardian Advisor, visit