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Full Police Welfare Fund members can apply for the benevolent grants and benefits detailed below.

Most benefits can be applied for through our national office. Other benefits and grants can be applied for through Police Association Field Officers, or your local Association Chairperson or Secretary.

Birth Benefit 

$50 on the birth of your child and $200 for twins.

Adoption Benefit 

$300 to help towards the legal costs of adopting a child. 

Benevolent Benefits 

If you're seriously injured at work or facing financial or emotional hardship and you are not covered by Police Health Plan, the Association or any other aspect of the Welfare Fund, a Benevolent Benefit may be made to assist. 

Hospital TV Hire 

Police Welfare Fund will meet the costs of TV hire if you or any member of your immediate family is admitted to a public hospital. 

Relationship Counselling 

$150 is available if you ever feel the need for expert help or relationship counselling. However, this won't be paid in addition to specialist medical claims.