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Police Remembrance Day, 29 September

The Huia Pin, a symbol of Police Remberance


Huia e! Huia tangata kotahi. He tōtara kua hinga. 

The feather of the huia, for someone special. One dearly departed


The police chevron-embedded huia feather pin was designed by the Police Association and promoted in partnership with NZ Police as the symbol of police remembrance in New Zealand.

Police staff and members of the police family throughout New Zealand take part in Police Remembrance Day by wearing the pin to honour the memory of those police officers slain while carrying out their police duties.

The tail plumage of the now lost huia bird is something rare and special. Considered ‘tapu’ or sacred by Māori, it is an immense honour to wear a huia tail feather as ornamentation. In the design, the incorporation of the NZ Police chevron into the huia tail feather, with the nick at the top signifying loss, symbolises the great honour and loss of someone special to police.

Funds raised from the sale of the pins go to the Police Families Charitable Trust for the families of New Zealand police officers who have been slain while carrying out their police duties.

Pins are available for purchase in the lead up to Police Remembrance Day held each year on the 29 September, they are also available online at the Cop Shop.

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Please see the NZ Police web page for the latest information and a live stream of the 2022 Service: Remembrance Day | New Zealand Police.