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General enquiries:

(04) 496 6800


0800 500 122

If you have been involved in:

  • A shooting incident

  • A fleeing driver incident resulting in a crash

  • A death in the cells

  • Other critical incident needing urgent advice


Call 0800 TEN NINE (0800 836 6463)

We will give you some immediate advice and contact a lawyer on your behalf if necessary.


Alcohol and drug testing

After a critical incident, alcohol and drug testing may be required.  Ring 0800 Ten Nine if you require advice about this.


Notes and records

Write any notes on a separate piece of paper headed “Notes for my lawyer.” Do not take notes in your Police notebook.  

No TOR should be completed if the incident has resulted in a death.

You should always get advice before submitting any report in relation to a critical incident.  If you are being pressured to submit a report, simply record, “I wish to properly consider this matter and obtain appropriate advice.  I will submit my full report when I have done so.”


Clothing and equipment

Clothing or equipment (including vehicles and phones) may need to be retained by Police for evidential purposes.



Your physical and psychological wellbeing are paramount.  Any injuries should be attended to immediately and psychological support provided over the following days and weeks.  Contact your Senior Employment Advisor: Districts if you have any concerns.


Non-urgent matters

For all other incidents that require advice, contact your Senior Employment Advisor: Districts or local representative during office hours