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Become a member of the Police Association

Membership of the association is open to all constables and employees of New Zealand Police.

The association is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of Police and their families and we do this by representing and supporting our members through a combination of advocacy and industrial expertise, and by providing a suite of cost-effective and well-managed welfare products.

The New Zealand Police Association Constitution (previously the Association Rules) governs the operation of the New Zealand Police Association (Incorporated).

The association negotiates for members’ pay and conditions, enforces collective employment agreements, provides occupational legal and employment assistance and supports members when they face unfair treatment.

Become a member of the Welfare Fund

Alongside being a member of the Police Association, you can opt in to also become a member of the Welfare Fund. 

The Welfare Fund package includes; the Health Plan, Life and General Insurance plus Welfare benefits.

Holiday accommodation, grants, benefits, home loan and retirement package discounts, well priced health, general and life insurance is just a few of the benefits you and your family receive by joining the Welfare Fund.


For more information contact our Member Services Team or your local Representative or Field Officer.


Fortnightly subscriptions for membership of the Police Association are deducted from your police pay.


Police Association only


Police Employee / Authorised Officer

32+ hours



25hrs (but not including) 32 hrs



Up to (but not including) 25hrs



Group Life Insurance

Constabulary / Authorised Officer

Police Employee

Life Insurance



Police Welfare Fund Subscription


Police Employee / Authorised Officer

Retired / Resigned - Full

Retired / Resigned - Associate

Welfare benefits





To view Health Plan premiums click here.