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Welcome to the Police Association Newsroom

You can access recent police media, Police Association media releases, up-to-date policy documents, information from our President and the Police News magazine.

Recent news

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Public service pay freeze an unacceptable "bombshell" - Police Association

Media Releases

The government’s "bombshell" announcement of a three-year public sector wage freeze was dropped at the very moment the Police Association sat down…

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New cars, new tech

Featured ArticlesNZPA

With the arrival of the first 80 Skoda Superb vehicles in the country this month, Police is set to test a range of innovations during the fit-outs of…

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Presidents Column: Setting up the negotiating table

President's ColumnNZPA

This month marks the beginning of formal pay-round negotiations for the Police employee and constabulary collectives. We know from the outset that the…

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Corporate uniform subsidy under review

Featured ArticlesNZPA

Police is planning to review the amount of corporate uniform subsidy given to Police employees, which is encouraging news for Carole Foster, an…

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