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The Police Association has negotiated a range of discounts available exclusively to members.

  • To view the discount details and how to access them, you need to be logged in and hold the relevant membership.

Please note that these discounts are Police Association discounts, NOT Police discounts. You cannot access the discounts by producing Police ID or by wearing a Police uniform.

Suggesting a discount provider

NZPA discounts support our members with their every day living costs that are relevant to the majority of households in NZ, such as food, clothing, household goods and other regular costs. 

If you are a member and know of a retailer or service provider who would be a good fit for our member discount programme, click the link below to see how you can direct them to get them involved.

How to join the NZPA Member Discount Programme

Search Providers

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The New Zealand Police Association and subsidiaries offer a range of insurance and financial products and services to members, and have contractual relationships with several companies. The association may be restricted by the terms of those contracts and/or the association’s business interests from accepting into the Member Discounts Programme suppliers of products or services that might compete with or be in conflict with the products or services offered by those companies.