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Police Home Insurance covers your home, outbuildings, walls, gates, fences, retaining walls and even your in-ground swimming pool. This insurance helps protect you from financial loss if your home is damaged or destroyed by unforeseen events.

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Special Offer - Six month’s free home insurance

Police Welfare Fund members drawing down a new Police Home Loan may be eligible for six-month’s free home insurance with Police Fire & General Insurance (conditions apply).

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Accidental Damage Cover

This includes cover for accidental, sudden or unexpected damage to your home.

What will be paid?

The cost of rebuilding or repairing your as it was new, up to your sum insured* (including GST). Building materials and construction methods commonly used at the time of the loss will be used.

Sum insured

Your sum insured is the total amount you would receive if your home or contents is damaged beyond repair.  This is not the same as its market value. Sum insured is the amount you have decided to have your home or contents covered for. 

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Seeking a professional recommendation

Construction Cost Consultants (CCC) can provide residential valuations at competitive prices for IAG customers. To access the special IAG rate, you’ll need to book a valuation by:

CCC - go to or phone 0800 422 258

The online booking form is unique to IAG customers and will automatically apply the special IAG customer rate.

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Retaining walls and recreational features

In your policy retaining walls and recreational features (permanently fixed swimming pools and permanently fixed spa pools and tennis courts) have limited cover.  

This is called a policy limit or cover limit.

Methamphetamine contamination cover

Our Home Insurance now provides cover for contamination from both the manufacture and consumption of methamphetamine.

Cover is dependant on landlords ensuring that tenants are vetted and properties managed correctly to reduce the risk of meth contamination. See policy wording for full description of requirements.

General Insurances and Financial Strength Rating 

NZI, a business division of IAG New Zealand Limited, has an Insurer Financial Strength Rating of 'AA'  by Standard and Poors (Australia) Pty Limited, an approved rating agency.

The rating scale is:

  • 'AAA'  Extremely Strong    'AA'  Very Strong    'A'  Strong
  • 'BBB'  Good    'BB'  Marginal    'B' Poor
  • 'CCC'  Weak    'CC'  Very Weak    'C' Extremely Weak
  • 'D' Default

*The ratings from 'AA' to 'CCC' may be modified by the addition of a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories. The rating scale above is in summary form. A full description of this rating scale can be obtained from