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Police General Insurance* provides competitively priced, quality insurance cover for your home, vehicle, contents or pleasure craft - Providing the added benefits of:

  • Optional excess allowing you to reduce your premiums by altering your excess.

  • Multiple policy discounts allowing you to insure your owner-occupied home and receive additional discounts on any contents, private vehicle and pleasure craft you insure with us.

  • 50+ benefits - if you are aged 50 or over you will receive a special premium discount on your home, contents and private vehicle policies.

  • Natural disaster cover -  all policies include cover for natural disasters. Under the home policy the natural disaster benefit has a special excess for any items of property not covered by the EQC.

*Police Fire & General Insurance: Exclusively for PWF members and their families. Arranged by PWF General Insurances Limited and underwritten by NZI, a business division of IAG New Zealand.


Making a Fire and General Insurance claim

Making a claim is easy. Simply contact us on 0800 500 122 and press option 4 this will take you though to our dedicated NZI claims team


PWF Roadside Assist mobile App

'full cover' vehicle insurance includes a free 24-hour premium roadside assistance service.

Westport Embargo FAQs - August 2021

Westport Specific FAQs

Why is there an embargo on insurance in Westport?

Because of the level of damage across Westport. The insurer needs to understand how the particular property has been affected.

What If I’m settling on a house?

You could look to negotiate an extension of settlement. We recommend you seek legal advice on the steps you should take to identify and protect yourself from any damage to the house before you go unconditional. If you must go ahead with damage you could find out who the current insurer is and ask to maintain cover with them.

Why can’t I increase my sum insured?

Because if a claim arises, there can’t be confusion about what sum insured should apply. That means the details of your contract need to stay the same until the insurer understands the damage profile better.

General Embargo FAQs

What is an embargo?

An insurance embargo is a restriction applied by an insurer (NZI) in regard to accepting new insurance policies or increases in cover to existing policies in certain geographic parts of the country.

An embargo typically stops insurance being taken out when an event (such as earthquake, flood or bush fire) is affecting a specific area.

Why do insurers use embargos?

Insurers can apply an embargo on new policies and increases to cover, to restrict people taking out cover or increasing cover when the risks are regarded as higher than normal, or a disaster is already occurring, and then cancelling cover after the risk passes. 

As an example, in the port hill fires, people were calling their insurance company to increase cover as the fire was coming up the hill towards their house.

What types of insurance products are affected?

Insurance embargoes can apply to all types of insurance products, but generally  home and contents

Can I take out a new home policy during an embargo?

Contact us directly to discuss your needs, there is a lot of different scenarios and depending on the individual circumstances we may be able to help.

If the property is already insured within the IAG brand we maybe able to offer cover.  The insurer may decide not take on the risk while the embargo is in place, or may stipulate a period within which we will not accept a claim against the policy, or an exclusion may be added to the policy.

How long does an embargo last?

Areas under embargo, and the events causing the embargo, are continuously monitored by the insurer. The length of time an area is under embargo varies depending on the situation. Some areas may be embargoed for a short period (e.g. 24 hours), while other areas may be embargoed for a longer period. 

The Westport Embargo is currently set down for 4 weeks.

Will my policy renew during an embargo?

If you are purchasing a home or looking to take out a new policy avoid being caught out by buying your insurance well in advance.  Also, as an existing policyholder, avoid allowing your insurance policies to lapse.

What to do from here

If an embargo is in place in your area, please contact us directly to discuss, we will provide you with information on the embargo, and we can offer to contact you when the embargo has been lifted to progress your application for cover.  You may need to provide additional underwriting conditions to support your application