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In 2019 we changed the policy to remove Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover from the constabulary PWF group life package.

At the time, this change was not well communicated to members. Although we referred to the TPD removal in a letter, we didn’t explicitly set it out for you. If you believe you have been disadvantaged by our failure to communicate the TPD removal, please contact us.

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The New Zealand Police Constabulary Group Life Insurance policy recognises the risks of being a police officer by providing life, terminal illness and critical illness insurance cover. This is subsidised by New Zealand Police and subject to terms, conditions and exclusions.

Premium Rate 

$20.66 per fortnight
- Member pays $9.67 per fortnight
- NZ Police contributes $10.99 per fortnight

Who receives your life benefit?

This form allows you to nominate who your life benefit will be paid to in the event of your death and for PWF members, provides a life benefit to you, in the event of your nominee’s death. 

It is very important to have a completed and updated benefit nomination form that accurately sets out your current personal circumstances. That means if your circumstances change, fill out a new form immediately. 


Cover provided

Life or Terminal Illness Benefit

A life benefit is payable upon the insured person’s death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.

A lump sum benefit in the event of death or critical illness. This cover is administered by Police Welfare Fund Insurances Limited and underwritten by AIA New Zealand, part of the AIA Group, one of the world’s leading insurance companies.

A summary of cover is set out below. This is subject to change and you should refer to the policy wording for details of the cover provided. Any word or expression defined under the policy will have the same meaning wherever it appears here.

Critical illness benefit

A critical illness benefit is payable to the insured person who, due to their critical illness, leaves the Police under section 74 or 76 of the Policing Act 2008, providing that: 

  • before the age of 60, medical attention and/or advice on any symptom of the critical illness was sought from a medical practitioner,
  • the symptoms of the critical illness first manifested themselves after the date of joining police,
  • the critical illness is one of the defined conditions set out in our policy document.

24-Hour Worldwide Cover

Available for all insured persons who normally reside in New Zealand, and for those temporarily residing overseas (subject to continued premium payment) for up to 5 years.

Benefit payable

The life benefit payable to an insured PWF member is:

Up to 55 years
• 10% of your annual salary multiplied by the number of complete years remaining until 65 years of age if this is greater than the $300,000 minimum benefit.

Between the ages of 56 and 80 years
• 10% of your Annual Salary if this is greater than the minimum benefit.

Extra Benefits for Members of the Police Welfare Fund 

PWF members are eligible for additional partner cover and psychological conditions benefits reduced to 70%  of the benefits payable to PWF members. If you are not a PWF member these extras are not available to you.

Partner Cover

Police Welfare Fund Limited members can nominate a Partner for life cover. The Benefit payable upon the death of a Partner is: 58% of the Insured Person’s Life Benefit at the time of death of the Partner, OR 60% of the Minimum Benefit set out on page 5 of the Police Group Life Insurance brochure, whichever is greater.

Psychological Conditions Benefit

PWF members are eligible for reasonable costs up to $1200 for rehabilitation if they leave the Police because of a psychological condition. This recognises the need to support members who suffer from these conditions. NZ Police and PWF meet these costs jointly. Full details are available from Police Welfare Fund Insurances Limited.

Term of Cover

Unless previously terminated, cover ceases for all insured persons on their 80th birthday, or the date on which a benefit is paid, or on their last day of duty in the New Zealand Police.

Download a copy of the NZ Police Constabulary Group Life Insurance brochure.