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Updated on 25/01/2023


1. The Holiday Homes (homes) are available to members of the Police Welfare Fund (PWF) and other prescribed persons as set out below.

2. Sub-leasing the home to any other person(s) or party(ies) is strictly prohibited.

3. The member or the member’s current spouse must be present throughout the term of the occupancy of the home.

4. The total number of people occupying the home shall not exceed the occupancy number prescribed by PWF and listed on the NZPA website. The occupancy number includes children and babies of any age. Members exceeding the prescribed occupany number may be asked to leave. No refund will be provided.

5. Tents and caravans are not permitted on the property (with exception of the campsites).

6. Children are to be supervised at all times.

7. The PWF accepts no responsibility for injury to, or death of any person occupying/visiting the home.

8. The PWF takes no responsibility for the member’s vehicle and personal effects during the period of occupancy, and they are not covered by the PWF’s insurance policy.

9. The member will maintain and leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition including inspecting inside and out of the home before and after use. The PWF reserves the right to charge members for any cleaning costs incurred should a home be left in an untidy or unclean state.

10. Exercise all due care during occupancy.

11. The member will meet the cost of any wilful and preventable damage to the property or equipment occurring during the booking period.

12. The PWF, or its representative, reserves the right to visit the home at any reasonable time. This includes but is not limited to; inspections, maintenance purposes and ID checks. The PWF will contact the member to inform them of the visit where possible.

13. The PWF, or its representative, reserves the right to evict any person or persons who they believe are not entitled to use the homes, or are in breach of the conditions of use of the homes.

14. Members of the International Police Association (IPA), Fire Fighters Welfare Society and New Zealand Defence Force can also use the homes, subject to conditions set out by the PWF

Duration of stay

15. Members can stay a maximum of seven (7) nights in any one home at a time. The PWF may determine from time to time that members are required to book homes for a prescribed number of nights during statutory holidays and/or weekends and/or other periods as determined by the PWF.

Multiple Unit Bookings

16. Members can only book one unit at any location, or for any simultaneous date. Members may apply to the PWF in writing should they wish to book more than one (maximum 2) units at the same location. The PWF will consider the request taking into account:

  1. Proposed use of the homes
  2. Number of members and/or family members to be present during the term of the proposed occupancy
  3. Other member demand for that location at the proposed day(s) and date(s)

17. Where approved, the member will be responsible for the units booked under their name.

Ballot Periods

18. The PWF may determine periods of time that the homes will only be available to members by a ballot process.

19. The process, timing and documentation associated with the ballots shall be determined by the PWF.


20. Homes will not be available until 2:00pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 11:00am on the day of departure. Members are responsible for the pickup and return of the home’s keys to the key holder of the homes or the home lockbox.


21. No animals are allowed on the grounds or in the homes under any circumstances. The PWF reserves the right to immediately evict any person or persons that breach this condition, and a cleaning fee may be applied.


22. No smoking or vaping is permitted in the homes or on the properties.

Advanced Bookings

23. Full members (including Overseas IPA members) of the PWF can book homes up to one year (365 days) in advance.

24. Associate members (including NZ based IPA, Firefighters Welfare Society members and Defence personnel) of the PWF can book homes up to three months (90 days) in advance.


25. The overnight rental of the homes is set at a rate set by the PWF.

26. Full payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the booking.

27. Each home tenancy (booking) is an individual transaction.

28. Payments cannot be transferred to other bookings.

29. The Fund will accept payment by credit/debit card or PWF vouchers.


30. All cancellations are to be done via the Holiday Homes website or via the Member Services Centre.

31. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the initial booking are eligible for a full refund.

32. If illness or another unforeseen circumstance makes it necessary to cancel a booking, please notify the Member Services Centre as soon as possible.

33. When the cancellation relates to cases such as death, serious injury/illness (supported by a medical certificate), or major loss of transportation e.g., rail, ferry cancellation, the manager, welfare services may authorise to refund the full rental on behalf of the PWF.

34. Cancellations due to alterations to work schedules will not be accepted as grounds for a refund unless extraordinary circumstances exist. Members should, in the first instance, seek redress from their employer.

35. If a booking is cancelled without good cause and the Holiday Home cannot be re-allocated for the period concerned, the following applies:

  • Three months or more prior to the arrival date – a refund of any money paid will be made.
  • Less than three months from arrival date – the member is liable for the full amount due, and no refund will be paid unless the home is rebooked for this period. This is not an automatic process, and the member is required to check the dates and to contact the Member Services Centre for a refund.

36. The PWF, in determining whether a refund should be given, will consider 31, 32, 33, 34 and other factors including whether the home has been rebooked. The PWF’s decision on whether to pay a refund will be final.