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16.02.2023 - Cyclone Gabrielle update

The damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, following the upper North Island /Auckland Anniversary weekend floods, has resulted in a significant catastrophe. Our insurance partners IAG are upscaling to respond to this event. As a Police Association member you have access to a dedicated team via our regular claims line.

Fire & General

The volume of claims will take a significant time to work through and claims are being triaged based on severity. When you lodge a claim, try and include as much helpful information as you can.

To lodge a claim, please email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call 0800 500 122 and press *4. 

Please include: 

  • If you are out of your home
  • If you have lost your contents and need to urgently purchase items.

Health Plan

If your surgery has been delayed as a result of hospital closures or your inability to travel, please note your surgical prior approval is now valid for 6 months. We have extended this out from the regular 4 month period. If the price of your procedure has increased this will need to be reapproved. 

We have had reports from some members who have had significant water damage resulting in loss of physical receipts. Please contact your health provider and request a replacement copy. Primary claims can then be submitted through the usual process.


Please refer to our 30.01.2023 update below for helpful information.


30.01.2023 - North Island Flooding

The flooding, mostly in the upper regions of the North Island, already constitutes New Zealand’s largest insurance event since the Christchurch earthquake. Our underwriters (IAG New Zealand Limited) will be triaging resulting claims to ensure the most urgent needs are prioritised. We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through this busy period.

For members who have been seriously impacted, the Police Welfare Fund offers a range of benefits and hardship grants. If you believe you may qualify for aid, please contact your local representative or senior employment advisor: districts. Our website lists these members by station, district and area committee: Your Representative - NZ Police Association (

    You may also find the following information helpful:

    Health & Safety

    • Prioritise your safety and that of your whānau first and heed the advice of your local authorities. Follow the instructions of Civil Defence and emergency service providers. 
    • Stay out of flood water and always treat it as if it is contaminated.
    • Avoid doing anything that puts your safety at risk or creates additional damage to your property.
    • Avoid using vehicles or electrical appliances that might have water damage.
    • Wear gloves, masks, and protective gear so you don’t encounter anything dangerous.

    House and Contents

    • Try to make buildings safe and weatherproof but don’t make any emergency repairs unless it is safe to do so. Don't start non-essential repairs without talking to the team at IAG.
    • If water has entered your property, don't turn on your electricity until it has been inspected by an electrician.
    • Retain invoices for the repair of any essential services, such as water, electricity, gas and sewerage.
    • Do what’s immediately necessary to make your home safe and sanitary and when cleaning, wear a mask, gloves, and overalls to minimise exposure to potentially hazardous materials.
    • Photograph and list of any perishables you must dispose of.
    • Photograph and discard any water or mud-damaged goods such as saturated carpets and soft furnishings that pose a health risk. If you choose to remove floor coverings to assist drying, please take photos and keep a sample to make replacement easier.
    • Photograph any other damaged property to help speed up the assessments and claims process.
    • Clearly indicate and take a photo of where flood water reached its highest within your property.
    • Retain any damaged items that don’t pose a health and safety risk.

    Uninhabitable dwelling

    • If flooding has made your home uninhabitable, you may be entitled to claim for alternative accommodation costs.
    • The NZPA house and contents policies have an automatic additional benefit for up to $20,000 of alternative accommodation costs. Check the policy wording inside your NZPA portal for details of what you can claim for.


    • Do not drive your vehicle if it has suffered water damage.

    Visit IAG's website for more detailed information on what to do in the event of storms and floods, a breakdown of the claims process, and what to expect once you've made your claim: IAG - Storm and Floods

    For any concerns or enquiries please contact us at 0800 500 122 and press #4.