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The information below details the summary of changes to the Police Health Plan policy, effective 01 July 2023


1. The following benefits, as agreed, have been amended in the Policy:

  1. Changed the limit on ‘Wisdom Teeth Extraction’ from $2,500 up to $5,000
  2. Removed ‘dentures’ under ‘Dentistry’ cover
  3. Added ‘You must have a diagnosis of an underlying medical condition which is causing your infertility’ under ‘Infertility Treatment’
  4. Daily bed charge limit increased to $975 per night.
  5. Removal of Maximum Benefit ‘Up to $11,250 per operation’ under General, Laparoscopic and Day Surgery.
  6. Collapsed the ‘Registered Surgeon and Anaesthetic Fees’, ‘Other Hospital Fees’, ‘Pre and Post-Operative Consultation’ benefits into sub headings under ‘Any surgery requiring hospitalistion’.
  7. Removed the ‘Cardiac Surgery’ heading under Surgical Plan.
  8. Renamed ‘Members’ benefit to ‘Pre and Post-Operative Consultation’.
  9. Removed Child benefits under ‘Public Hospital Cash Benefit’.
  10. Removed the word ‘Adults’ from the benefit and annual maximums under ‘Public Hospital Cash Benefit’.
  11. Added ‘Voluntary excess does not apply’ under ‘Sterilisations’ and ‘Wisdom Teeth Extraction’ benefits.
  12. Added the word ‘newborn’ to ‘payable when newborn child first joins health plan at first opportunity’ under ‘Birth Benefits’.
  13. Added ‘Registered Psychotherapist’ to ‘Psychological Treatment’ benefit.
  14. Collapsed ‘Opitician’ ‘Consultation’ and ‘Lenses including Contact Lenses’ into a single ‘Optician’ benefit.


2. The following terms, as agreed, have been introduced or amended in the Policy:

  1. Updated definition of ‘Free look period’ to ‘If you are not happy with this policy, you can change your mind within 30 days after the start date of the policy. At your request we will treat your policy as if it had never existed. We will refund any premium you have paid us and you must pay us back any claims we have paid. No further claim can be made or paid on the policy’
  2. Removed ‘Children who join within three months of birth will have congenital conditions covered as per their policy. Congenital conditions will be covered after years of continuous cover’ under ‘Transferring from another health insurance provider’.
  3. Combined points 18 and 19 under ‘Exclusions’. Point 18 updated to ‘Refractive surgery for the correction of short sight or long sight, including astigmatism and any related charges such as anaesthetist, hospital and imaging.’
  4. ‘First opportunity’ time period updated from ‘three months’ to ‘six months’
  5. Addition of ‘underwriting may apply’ to ‘Transferring from another health insurance provider’. This wording replaces the existing ‘… and pre-existing conditions may be excluded’.
  6. Addition of ‘Registered Psychotherapist’ under ‘Health Professionals’ definition.
  7. Addition of ‘Registered Psychotherapist’ definition.