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Independently owned and operated by Police Health Plan Limited, a subsidiary of the Police Welfare Fund, our Health Plan is focused on the health of members and their families.

2024 Policy Document | 2024 Annual Premium Rates

2023 Policy Document |  2023 Premium Rates


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About the plan

All plans include Surgical as your base cover which covers the cost of surgical procedures (conditions apply). You can then choose to add either Primary Health Care Basic or Primary Health Care Plus plans on top of this for additional benefits such as optical, dental, audiology on the Plus Plan.

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Who can join

Police Health Plan is part of the Police Welfare Fund members package. You can also join your partner, children and grandchildren (including daughters/sons-in-law). For further details see Membership Conditions

How to apply

You need to be a member of the Police Welfare Fund to join the Police Health Plan.  If you are not a Police Welfare Fund member join here.

What is a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Pre-existing Medical Condition -  Is any health sign, symptom or condition occurring or existing before the policy commencement date, or in relation to any policy upgrade after the policy commencement date, before the date of upgrading, or in relation to any spouse or child/ren member added to the policy after the policy commencement date, before the spouse or child/ren member was added to the policy. This includes any condition that occurs or exists at any time and relates to a sign, symptom or circumstance of which the member was aware, or ought reasonably to have been aware, at the policy commencement date or at the date of the upgrading, or at the date the member was added to the Policy.

Excess Option

We offer a reduced premium for selecting a voluntary excess. This excess applies to all surgical procedures, not including Surgery with a GP, Private Medical Hospital Admission, and the Public Hospital Cash Benefit.

Changing your Police Health Plan cover

You can amend your cover (e.g. change plans or your excess) and add a partner, and/or child or grandchildren to your existing cover.


Changing your excess

The excess applies from the date you pay the new premium.

If you choose to switch to a lower or no-excess option, a 90-day stand-down period will apply before the lower or no-excess option commences and all conditions that were existing under the previous higher voluntary excess, will still incur the higher excess, regardless of when any procedure on this condition is carried out.


The Benefit Year

The benefit year is from 1 July to 30 June. There are annual maximums you can claim up to. All claims are debited against the benefit year the treatment was received.

GST is included.

To note:

Please be aware we are collecting and holding sensitive personal health information. If you the primary member for your plan, please do not share your password otherwise your personal data could be visible to others.