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Specialist financial advice, tailored to your goals

Police Welfare Fund has partnered with AdviceFirst to offer members discounted financial advice from one of New Zealand’s leading financial planning providers. AdviceFirst can help you make informed decisions on planning for your retirement, investing a windfall and ways to pay off your mortgage faster.

Key benefits

  • Free initial consultation with an experienced and qualified adviser in your area.

  • Comprehensive review of your financial situation.

  • Specialist advice on your GSF and PSS membership and other Police benefits.

  • A comprehensive financial plan can be designed for your situation and needs.

  • Special rates for Police Welfare Fund members.

To find out more about this discount, please call Police Financial Planning Enquiries, 0800 438 238. - Financial Services and AdviceFirst bring to you a collection of resources to help you build the financial future you deserve – from setting your goals to building your wealth plan and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

At we offer more than just advice. We help you implement strategies that get you financially fit, grow your wealth, and achieve your financial goals. We offer personalised coaching throughout your financial journey to hold you accountable and help you execute your plan.

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Acquisition and history

Leading financial advice company ‘AdviceFirst’ and financial strategy and coaching company ‘’ merged as of 1 April 2023.

AdviceFirst was founded in 2008 and has grown to become one of the largest advice providers of its kind in the country, focusing on insurance, and investment advice. was founded in 2007 by financial adviser, chartered accountant, and personal finance author Hannah McQueen. Its financial coaches have worked with thousands of New Zealanders to get in control of their financial futures, get mortgage-free faster and grow wealth for retirement. and AdviceFirst have complementary geographical strengths, with AdviceFirst’s headquarters in Wellington and’s in Auckland. Both have offices around the country and will now be a team of over 160 employees.