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Buying a home?  Choosing the right home loan can be just as important as finding your perfect home.

The Police Home Loan Package offers Police Welfare Fund members special benefits thanks to ANZ’s relationship with the Police Welfare Fund. This package gives you access to a range of fee savings and discounts that will help make your money go further. 

How do I get these ANZ banking package benefits?

To get, and keep, ANZ banking package benefits on accounts, products, and services you have with ANZ, here are the eligibility criteria you must continue to meet:

  • Be registered for the banking package with ANZ
  • Remain a member of the Police Welfare Fund
  • Have your full salary or wages credited to an ANZ personal banking account.


Package benefits

ANZ Police Home Loan

Save with interest rate discounts:  

  • Fixed rates: 0.60% p.a. discount
  • Floating rate: 0.50% p.a. discount
  • Flexible rate: 0.50% p.a. discount

Discounts apply to standard interest rates. The fixed-rate discount is applied to new fixed-rate periods only.

Discounts don’t apply to tideover (bridging) finance.

Fee savings

  • If you ask ANZ when you apply, they’ll waive the Application fee. 
  • Plus, if you get a new or have an existing ANZ Flexible Home Loan, ANZ will waive the Monthly Account fee.


ANZ Freedom account

ANZ will waive the Monthly Account fee on new or existing ANZ Freedom accounts  
Non-standard fees may apply


ANZ Personal credit card

ANZ will waive the Annual fee (including additional card fee) on one new or existing ANZ personal credit card.


Find out more

If you think you’re eligible, contact ANZ for more information or to register (you will need to register for the package to receive the benefits):

  • Register your interest online 
  • Call the ANZ team on 0800 269 296
  • Visit your local ANZ branch

Whether you're a first home buyer, buying your next home or want to switch to ANZ, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

You can also use ANZ's online home loan calculators to give you an idea on:

  • How much you could potentially borrow.
  • What the repayments may be.

View Police Home Loan Flyer

The ANZ Police Home Loan Package, account eligibility, lending criteria, terms, conditions, fees and exclusions apply.  Interest rates and fee are subject to change. A free copy of our Reserve Bank Disclosure statement and General terms and conditions are available online or at any ANZ branch. The Police Welfare Fund receives a commission for members who take up and hold a home loan under this package.


What about insurance - do I need it and what kind should I get?

The Police Welfare Fund can provide life insurance protection to cover your Police Home Loan and insure your property for loss or damage.

*The insurance options mentioned on this website are not provided by ANZ. Police Welfare Fund Police Life Insurance and Police Life Insurance Extra are underwritten by AIA. Police General Insurance is underwritten by NZI.