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The Police Employee Group Life insurance policy provides a complete life insurance cover for Police employees.


Premium Rate 

$6.00 per fortnight


Benefit Payable

Attained Age (Years)

Death Benefit

up to 29


30 to 39


40 to 49


50 to 59


60 to 64



No Cover

Contact us for further information and to apply. 

The policy provides Police employee members with:

Cover provided

Death Benefit

24-hour cover. In the event of your death the benefit set out under Benefits Payable is provided.

Life or Terminal Illness Benefit

A life benefit is payable if the insured person dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Term of Cover

Unless previously terminated, cover ceases for all insured persons on their 65th birthday or their last day of work for New Zealand Police.

Want more cover?

If you find the Police Employee Group Life Insurance benefit is not enough for your personal circumstances, you are eligible for cover with Police Life Insurance Extra at very competitive rates.