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General enquiries:

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0800 500 122

Please view the list of clubs below to choose the club you wish to join. Simply contact the club directly through their information provided.

Auckland Ex Police Officers Club

Our Club has been going since the mid 1970's with a membership of 210 to 220, cost $10.00 p.a. and life membership from the age of 80, we have about 20 life members at this time.

New members are always welcome!



Richard Middleton

022 396 7869


Mark Leys

(09) 294 8927


Alex Robinson

(09) 238 7653

Rotorua Retired Police Club

Content Needed



Don Hamilton

07 348 2689


Phil Spackman


Wanganui Retired Police Club

The Wanganui Police club commenced in 1985 with a meeting at the Wanganui Police Station however as members became older and the stairs became a problem for some the meetings were held at the local RSA for many years and then about two years ago shifted to the present venue.

A newsletter is prepared each month with details of forthcoming events, activities in other regions, local member occurrences and deceased notices. The newsletter is available to other clubs on request.

Frequent visits are made to other clubs and we hold an annual social evening. We also endeavour to have at least one trip away a year to a place of interest. Many of our members take an interest in the NZ Masters Games and if anyone would like to know more about this please feel free to request a copy of the Information Pack. There are some 68 sports or activities so there is sure to be one for everyone! Just send us an email or letter.



Paul Tindale

(06) 348 7307

Manawatu Retired Police Club

Subs are $7.50 pp per year. Ex and retired Police, and widows of ex police welcome. We currently have 60 members and our newsletter is issued 3 to 4 weeks prior to meeting.



Barbara Goldstone

(06) 354 4402 or 021 048 4334


Shona Sexton

(06) 354 9020

Newspaper Editor

Peter Miller

(06) 323 9358

Wellington Retired Police Club

The Wellington Retired Police Members' Club has existed for some 30 years and operates under a written Constitution.

The Club's Patron is the Commissioner of Police. Current Life Members are Tony Maher, Marie Storey, Paul Mears and Sherwood Young. Deceased Life Members are Lawrie Philpott, Bart Simmons, Tom Robbie, (retired Commissioner) Bob Walton and Nancy Thompson.

The Club has a membership of 130.

Membership is open to:

  • Retired employees of the two New Zealand Police Service organisations and the Police Credit Union.
  • Any person of good character who has resigned or otherwise left any Police Service, or either of the two New Zealand Police Service organisations.

Honorary membership is open to:

  • The spouse, son or daughter of any retired or former member of the New Zealand Police.

New members are always welcome!



JJ Taylor

022 391 4027


David Allo

027 277 0843

Marlborough Retired Police Club

Content Needed



Kevin Hawkins

(03) 578 1219 or 021 587 80