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Read in-depth feature stories, news articles and the president's column from each issue of Police News.

  • Detecting success: Helen Mahon-Stroud

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    After decades of hard graft – on and off police turf – Helen Mahon-Stroud is set to be become Detective Mahon-Stroud.

  • Staying the distance

    Featured ArticlesKeith Potter

    Chief Inspector Mike Russell speaks to Policing Insight’s Keith Potter about an initiative that has significantly improved officer retention in Greater Manchester.

  • News Article

    Upcoming Police Association Bravery Awards

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    With nominations for this year’s Police Association Bravery Award due to open, members are being asked to notify local committees about any brave acts they have seen, or are aware of, during the past year. Nominations open on June 1 and close on July 31.

  • 10 questions with Ginny Andersen

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    It has been a whirlwind few months for the new police minister after being handed the role only weeks after entering Cabinet. She has already earmarked retail crime, youth offending and gangs as top priorities ahead of October’s election.

  • Championing diversity

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Taylor Swan wanted to be a police officer when he was little (or an astronaut but he says donning the blue uniform seemed more achievable).

  • Making an impression in the battle against retail crime

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    How to lessen the impact of retail crime on the community is the $1 billion question for Police.