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Read in-depth feature stories, news articles and the president's column from each issue of Police News.

  • President's Column: First priority is right people, right place

    President's ColumnNZPA

    I have spent the past month attending committee annual meetings throughout Aotearoa. These are extremely important components of the association’s operation giving me insight into the great work members are doing, but also your frustrations in relation to delivering policing to New Zealanders.

  • Quantifying Cobalt

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Police reflects on the progress of Operation Cobalt one year into its campaign to stamp out gang lawlessness.

  • Obituary: Bruce Malcolm Lamb

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Bruce Malcolm Lamb September 15, 1959 — May 23, 2023

  • Iam Keen (July 2023)

    Featured ArticlesIam Keen

    This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

  • Bill Murray Award recipients

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    The dedication of two Police Association advocates has been acknowledged this year with Gary McFadyen, Hawke’s Bay, and Vaughan Watson, New Plymouth, receiving the NZPA Bill Murray Award for outstanding service.

  • WanderSearch: The 'ping' that saves lives

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Police Association member Detective Senior Sergeant John Wilson has been officially recognised for his contribution to search and rescue in New Zealand, including the lifesaving WanderSearch tracking device.