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Read in-depth feature stories, news articles and the president's column from each issue of Police News.

  • President's Column: Let’s draw a line in the sand on pay

    President's ColumnNZPA

    Well, the Aussies have been successful in creating a stir with their “warmer days – higher pays” Queensland recruiting campaign. I hope they are not as successful when it comes to poaching our valuable officers, but I suspect there will be significant interest.

  • Giving a voice to victims

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    The lead investigator in operations Sinatra and Royal, Detective Inspector Scott Anderson, speaks with CARLA AMOS the day after the Jaz brothers were sentenced and days after Lauren Dickason was found guilty of murdering her three daughters.

  • Escalating threats to law and order in NZ: 'It couldn't get any worse'

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Senior Constable Brendon Ross has no trouble believing 90% of Police Association members see crime and violence as the most significant threat to law and order in New Zealand.

  • Iam Keen (September 2023)

    Featured ArticlesIam Keen

    This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

  • Remembrance Day 2023: Tragedy in the skies

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    This year marks 30 years since the deaths of Police Air Support Unit officers Sergeant Lindsay “Lou” Eion Grant, 39, and Constable Alastair Alan Sampson, 27, in a mid-air collision over Auckland.