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Police Association slams National for wavering on gun laws

Recent NewsStuff

The New Zealand Police Association has called for political unity over gun reforms, urging MPs not to turn it into a US-style debate.

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Police Association appeals to National to not let politics 'skew the gun debate' as in US

Recent NewsTVNZ

Police Association President Chris Cahill said "meaningful gun law reform" in New Zealand had been prevented in the past due to politics.

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Police Association says National playing politics with gun laws

Recent NewsRNZ

Police Association president Chris Cahill said Mr Bridges was wrong to say the gun buyback scheme had been a fiasco.

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Gun law reform: Politicking feared as unity ends on new bills

Recent NewsSydney Morning Herald

Chris Cahill, president of the Police Association, said, "we watch in disbelief how politics skews the gun debate in the United States."

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Police review prisoner custody after four escapes in a week

Recent NewsRNZ

NZPA vice president Craig Tickelpenny said officers needed to be alert on the job at all times.

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Suspects escaping custody 'a wakeup call for officers'

Recent NewsRNZ

Police Association Vice-President Marcia Murray told Morning Report that mistakes do happen.

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