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Read in-depth feature stories, news articles and the president's column from each issue of Police News.

  • State of the stations

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    After dozens of delegate reports to the Police Association’s 2023 conference drew attention to the appalling state of stations and custody units across the country, recent Police News inquiries confirm the momentous infrastructure issues that Police face within its property portfolio. CARLA AMOS reports.

  • Running into danger

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    It was 3.40am on a Sunday when a “beat shift” crew of four decided to do one more lap of Hamilton’s nightclubs before they called it a night. Minutes later, with flames licking at their faces, they were trying to save two men in a burning car.

  • Iam Keen (February 2024)

    Featured ArticlesIam Keen

    This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

  • Critical incidents: What is reintegration?

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    As many association members know, the effects of being involved in a fatal police shooting are long lasting. ERICA GEORGE investigates how Police is continually improving the way it reintegrates staff after such events.

  • Life after Police: Sean Hatwell

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    Police Association member Sean Hatwell always wanted to be a police officer so, after completing a degree in psychology and sociology in Auckland, he joined Police at the age of 23. Sean cut his teeth on the frontline in Mt Wellington after graduating in 2008. After 18 months, he moved into the CIB. Then, in early 2016, when he was working as a detective with the National Organised Crime Group (NOCG), an opportunity arose to lead human trafficking and child sexual exploitation investigations in Thailand.

  • Employment investigation delays: 'A slow-moving bloody train wreck'

    Featured ArticlesNZPA

    “Please, can you just stop? We can’t take this any more.”