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Debbie Jackson and daughter Brianna, 8, with their new pony, Willow.

Discounted insurance for your pets

Last month we welcomed pet insurance provider Petplan into our popular Member Discounts programme.

The Welfare Fund’s decision to partner with Petplan followed thorough market research and pricing comparisons with other providers in New Zealand.

It was clear to us that Petplan offered the fairest and most economical policies across the board. Add in the bonus of a 10 per cent discount off the policy price every year for members, and Flybuys points, and this is a great package for those with pets.

Welfare Fund insurance manager Debbie Jackson recently took out a Petplan equine insurance policy for new family member Willow, a five-year-old, 14.2-hand station breed horse, who is now a permanent fixture in her family’s weekend activities, particularly for eight-year-old Brianna.

Debbie knows that, like any loved pet, horses can incur hefty vet bills on top of the other costs.

“Buying a horse isn’t something you do lightly,” she says. “Homing and feeding them alone makes it a prohibitive pet choice for many. Thankfully, we live on 3.8 hectares. It took us over a year to find Willow. It’s important to let the right one for you join your family. Having pet insurance gives me confidence that Willow will get the best care if needed.”

Petplan benefits include:

  • Immediate injury cover and short waiting periods for illness
  • Claim up to $20,000 per year in veterinary fees
  • No sub-limits for broken legs or cancer treatment
  • 10% multi-pet discount
  • Earn Flybuys points on premiums.

You can easily get a no-obligation quote and apply online, which means that as soon as you know you’re getting a new pet you can insure it immediately.

Let Petplan know you’re a member of the Police Association when calling, 0800 255 426, or mention it in the online application under “pre-existing conditions” and you will immediately be given a discounted quote.

Visit for more details.

About Petplan

Petplan was founded in 1976 in Britain and is now a pet insurance industry leader worldwide, arriving in Australia and New Zealand in 2004, where it has provided insurance for tens of thousands of animals.

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