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Shots fired in vax rollout

A couple of months ago, I suggested we all roll up our sleeves to get vaccinated for the team, and it seems most agree with me, with well over 80 per cent having their first dose, but that still leaves quite a few holdouts.

If the Government mandates the vaccine, it will be interesting to see how many of the unwilling are willing to give up their jobs as the price of not being vaccinated.

Then we have the issue my mate raised of not wanting to work alongside an unvaccinated colleague.

Hopefully, the reluctant will change their minds, and we can get to much higher numbers of us having had the jab.

A short leash

I have been hearing lots of comments about our much-maligned dog handlers and their ability to share… It seems there’s a view that anyone who teams up with them under the new Tactical Response Model probably won’t need a driver’s licence and touching the radio could be a risky proposition.

I, however, have faith that dog handlers will be very keen to share, even while the new access to a training volunteer for their dog will be very tempting. Hope those training sleeves are more robust than in my day.

Petrol and pay

Has anyone else noticed the price of petrol lately? Along with most other things, it seems to be spiralling upward at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately, it seems our salaries won’t be doing the same with our pay talks hitting a brick wall. I don’t see how a 2 per cent offer can cut the mustard when we’ve got inflation at 4.9 per cent and climbing. Even the association’s 3 per cent seems a tad light now.

Might have to park up the car and dust off the old bike. I won’t even be able to afford an electric one. Suppose it will help with the PCT training…

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