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Constable Iam Keen.

Already under the gun

A colleague tipped out a gang member recently, and saw a firearm in his car.

He did an S&S search, seized the thing, and charged the gang member accordingly.

Then, while Winscribing, typing and recording the event, my mate started to record the “seizure” of said firearm.

Now, we are in the modern, app-run world of inter-connectivity, but it seems the Police like replicating input over and over again.

The firearm “seizure” event had to be entered into five different databases. What The File? Gunsafe, NIA, Op Cobalt, Prop and RIOD.

Our time is precious, is it not? How about just pick one entry point, and tick box the applicable add-ons? Pizza Hutt has a better system!

A bit of a stretch

What’s with the elastic in the Police-issue operational trousers?

Yes, they are a small step up from what we used to have, and I suppose the expanding elastic may assist “waistline-challenged” members, but I’m hearing of plenty of reorders of new trou due to a failure of elasticity that turns an 84 into a 104.

Is there a better option? Yep, our firearms trainers wear a better trouser suited for today’s policing.

I say we need to revisit the subject!

Plastic not so fantastic

Skoda police cars are getting an add-on. Yep, the amazing plastic oil sump cover is not up to the rigours of New Zealand policing (or should I say Police drivers?).

So they are sorting that out and making that part of the car tougher.

Thanks Skoda, we appreciate it. Now how about chucking in Navman?

Fraud v resources

The Police has had some flak for not investigating fraud and scam cases.

We were called “woefully deficient” by the IPCA. They even said we don’t understand fraud.

Really? I’m going to stand on my soapbox and yell, “You’re wrong”.

We understand fraud, and the scams, and we will do everything we can to send the scammers to court.

Isn’t this a question of resources? Fraud investigations take time.

Wading through the legal red tape at times makes this a specialised area, and stations across the country have to prioritise what we do. If our family harm has increased 60% over the past five years, on top of everything else rising, our troops can only be stretched so far.

Isn’t this a question for the police minister?

Quacker job

Good on Glen Innes police for saving a duckling recently.

My kids loved the story, and maybe that’s the point – our kids always remember the cute stories involving Police. It’s we adults who mope about the tragedy and violence.

With Christmas just around the corner – and we give a little sigh knowing the festive season brings the silliness out in some – let’s try to smile like our kids at the fun (and cute) stuff we do.

Happy holidays

I hope you all get some time with your families over the hoilday period. Relax when you can, look after each other, and know you did a good job in 2022!

This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

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