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This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

Rearranging the deck chairs?

Rotation has always been a bone of contention for a lot of staff but it has its benefits. Though what is happening with district commanders at the moment might be a twist many will be wondering about.

All three Tāmaki Makaurau district commanders have been seconded out of district; the TM assistant commissioner is also relieving at PNHQ. I am not sure this sends the right message that Police is giving its biggest city the focus it deserves. Mind you, having a greater district perspective at PNHQ has to be a good thing. To steal an old favourite from Rob Muldoon, perhaps the average IQ of both groups will have increased. Given some of the district engagement scores released after a colleague took Police to the ombudsman to have them made public, the musical chairs may not have stopped but leadership will be in the spotlight.

Low blow of FEO

FEO… I remember when Police fanfare around our FEO policy was all about the bosses saying “yes”. It was to benefit all, having some of us working around our personal lives and the Police retaining experience and expertise. The headlines even said your supervisor could approve FEO, and it only goes all the way to your district commander in exceptional situations. So why am I hearing the answer “no” being used far too often in the Garden City? To make it worse, the mishandled policy and decision making has led to staff resigning. Stop!

We're not bulletproof

We are getting shot at. Not a day goes by without crims shooting at each other, at something, or in our direction. There are parts of Godzone where police rank and file are bloody nervous each and every time they venture out into the unknown. The TENR card in your notebook is a good tool to have, but it’s no good to us in the seconds we need to protect ourselves from lethal force when the BAU job just turned deadly. Some recent incidents had my head shaking with how lucky we have been. Being armed might be the only thing that makes the difference. It’s an ongoing debate, I know, and there are those who are steadfastly against general arming, but if we are to protect others, how do we protect ourselves?

Crime does pay – for some

I’ll start an argument: Pay parity, or lack thereof. Intel, TRM and some others are getting hefty raises, and H bands are being thrown around just to attract or keep some skills based on civilian rates. How does a frontline response constable compare to their civilian equivalent? They don’t, because there isn’t one. How does a newly minted detective, after all that study and training, compare to their civilian equivalent? They might, but I can’t see an insurance investigator file-managing a homicide or being OC body. It appears that some parts of our business are getting the royal treatment while some of the most important parts are being left behind.

Anzac spirit alive and well

Great to see so many police attending Anzac Day parades, and it was really pleasing to see so many families taking part as well. A day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and a day to cherish what we have now. Lest we forget.


Stay safe out there...
Constable Iam Keen

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