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This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

The house always wins

Money, money, money. Where does it all go? Well, one place it’s going is the much-vaunted training facility at the college. The “houses” they are building are top notch, so good Police could always rent them out as emergency accommodation. It’s just a shame all those dollars can’t be spent fixing police stations around the country. You know, those crucial facilities where police officers work day in and day out. I suppose the national executive has other priorities. Sigh.

Third-string ratios

Why is my radio battery going flat after a couple of hours? I know it was charging overnight. All the pretty lights are green but when I want to transmit something important, or not, all I get is the dreaded long beep. Kaput! Is it because we have so few ICT technicians in districts now and our gear isn’t being maintained as it should? Two cans and a piece of string might work. Another sigh.

I hate to complain, but...

Remember all the hoopla about the new teams to deal with complaints against Police? They were going to “streamline” resolutions, focus on preventing over long and extended delays, which was meant to be good for both the officers involved and those making the complaint. Nope. All I see are over-long and extended delays (not a misprint) adding to the stress and pressure of being “under investigation” just like the bad old days. Is it because some of those in new positions aren’t up to it, or do they just need to justify their existence given the size of the machine, or are they being hamstrung by other people’s agendas? Harsh I know, but from where I sit, this is just another example of PNHQ promising lots and delivering the opposite. Our SEADS must be fuming!

Hanging on every word

So, a new team is in the Beehive. If history is anything to go by, we can expect the tight belts to get tighter. I hope our potential new police minister remembers everything he complained about when he served in Police. He talked up a good game. We will wait to see if those words come to fruition.

Savea saves the day

Talking about games… nah, let’s not talk about the Rugby World Cup final. At least we can celebrate Ardie Savea being crowned men’s player of the year. What a machine. Nice to see Mark Tele’a scoop the breakthrough player of the year award and Tyla Nathan-Wong pick up women’s sevens player of the year, too. So, not the trophy we wanted the boys to bring home. Better put my crystal ball back on charge to see if it gets it right in 2027 (I think it’s heading the way of my radio).

Fortune favours the brave

How about those Hawke’s Bay police officers receiving the Police Association Bravery Awards, wow! I take my hat off to all five of you, truly amazing. That cyclone must have been a nightmare, and you all braved the dangers to rescue others. Congratulations, team, very proud of you.

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