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This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

Place your bets…

I opened the newspaper and saw that the big job has been advertised… I did discuss it with a few colleagues who suggested that both the commissioner and I had gone as far as we could in the job, and I needn’t bother to dust off my CV.

However, I know there will be many others working hard on their applications, and the competition will be fierce. This one could be a harder pick than the Rugby World Cup winner, I’d say.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top and the subsequent jostling at the castle. There are obviously a few staff with ambitions, and several others who left under the current regime and might be keen to return.

It’s probably time for a bit of diversity at the top too, so, all in all, there should be plenty of rumours to debate in the meal rooms around the country.

Bully for you

One of the first issues the new No 1 will have to address is bullying. One reporter seems to have tapped into a rich vein of dissatisfaction on how we are dealing with this issue currently.

I think we all know a few who fit the “bully” description, but we are a changing organisation and people aren’t just going to accept they have to live with this sort of behaviour any more.

An old friend who recently completed one of those career development opportunities with a secondment to PNHQ told me that they are not without their issues in this area.

On the subject of career opportunities and rotations, the Police Association had a hell of a good win with the Employment Relations Authority last month. Many of us have been feeling ripped off around the motor vehicle allowance rules. It was disappointing, however, to see that the department is appealing the ERA decision… doesn’t feel like putting their people first.

Hand it to police

I visited one of the gun buy-back events last week and, I have to say, was pleasantly surprised at how well organised the whole process was – even if I was a bit grumpy at having to give up old precious. The price was fair and the process painless, and, from what I saw, everyone else seemed to agree.

So, hats off to the team that put this one together. I hear it has been all hands to the pump at HQ on the firearms issues. It’s obvious that good planning within the tight timeframes is paying off.

Stay safe out there...

Constable Iam Keen

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