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Iam Keen September 2022

Games on and off the field

The tentacles of the extreme elements of anti-government protests continue to extend into the community. Wary of such rhetoric extending to further anti-Police sentiment, even the organisers of last month’s friendly Winter Games had to keep the timing and location of the event on the down-low as a precaution.

A good time was had by all, even the ones who limped out of the venue, and sport was the winner on the day. Well, that’s what I heard back at the station. I would’ve been there, but apparently there was no competitive table tennis on offer this year.

I believe there was another noticeable absentee – the Auckland rugby team. Always a keen group of travellers, they were missed. Apparently they couldn’t get a team together, which is a great shame given they are normally so well organised and equipped.

I hope the rumour that they had another trip planned in the coming weeks isn’t true. Surely, they would have appreciated the Winter Games, and competing against their colleagues would be a priority?

I certainly know the mighty red and blacks would have enjoyed beating them on the way to taking the trophy.

Who’s running wild?

So the IPCA thinks the public wouldn’t think a dog handler releasing his dog to bite and capture a youth who had stolen a car, including the victim’s work tools, is acceptable? I suggest the public would be dismayed that a police officer should let such an offender run away rather than apprehend them using a dog.

I really think we are losing touch with what most New Zealanders think, and what action they expect officers to take. I don’t know what the IPCA would make of some of my arrests, but I know plenty of victims who have thanked me for the effort I put in to catch an offender.

Greally great

On the frontline, we often suspect the executive are a tad out of touch with what we do day to day, but I hear that Road Policing boss Superintendent Steve Greally hasn’t let his lofty position stop him from getting back in the saddle.

Apparently, he regularly pulls over motorists when he’s out in his patrol vehicle if he sees something amiss. He believes the executive need to be out there doing the job and “keeping it real”. Once a road policing officer…

Keeping time

Police can be sticklers for precision – and anniversaries – particularly when it comes to their length of service. Retiring Aoraki area commander Dave Gaskin is obviously no exception. He opted to make his last day at work Sunday, so it would be exactly 45 years’ service.

A nose for trouble

A tale from down south. Two offenders in Dunedin were pulled over for a minor traffic offence and, unfortunately for them, a bong in their car had tipped over, spilling cannabis-tainted water that quickly gave the game away. They were given a warning for drug use, and it reminded me that an officer’s nose is still an irreplaceable part of the toolkit that has yet to be improved by technology.

This column is written by a frontline police member. It does not represent the views or policies of the Police Association.

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