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Measured and reasonable approach to gun register

The Police Association welcomes the latest steps being taken by the Government to tighten gun laws in New Zealand and set up a gun register.

Association president Chris Cahill says that, six months after the Christchurch attacks, it is important to reflect on why the Government is taking the steps it is to reduce risk and make our communities safer.

“It is extremely important to remember not just the horror of the attacks, but what we have done as a country to address firearms safety.”

He said he was very pleased to see that the Government was taking a measured and reasonable approach to the establishment of a gun register.

“By taking time to establish the register, it will lessen concerns about it being onerous and it will help Police ensure that is a success.”

Police would continue to have a significant role in the ongoing reforms, so it was also pleasing to see a commitment from the Government to providing the legislation and resources.

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