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NZ Police Association supports members facing manslaughter charges

The New Zealand Police Association is supporting the three officers who are now facing manslaughter charges in relation to the death of a man in the Hawera Police Station cells in June last year.

Association President Chris Cahill says the officers are members of the association and as such they are entitled to legal and welfare support.

While the association will not make any detailed comments about the case, Mr Cahill says it is important to note that there was absolutely no suggestion that the death was the result of any physical or violent confrontation between the officers and the deceased.

"Any death of a person in Police custody is a tragic situation for the family of the deceased and in this case, for the officers involved and their families. It is now a matter for the court, and we will leave the court to do its work," Mr Cahill says.

"Any speculation prior to the full facts of this situation being disclosed in court would do a disservice to the deceased and his family, and the police officers involved."

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