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The Police Association is deeply concerned at today’s tragic shooting in Glen Eden - both for the for the officers injured and the family of the person who died.

Association vice-president Mike McRandle says the officers who attended the incident attempted to resolve it calmly but according to the Police account, matters escalated to the point they had to respond.

"It is dreadful that a person has died, and also it is an enormous strain on the officers put in a position of having to return fire," Mr McRandle says.

"Using lethal force is the most difficult decision for a police officer and has long-lasting ramifications. Accordingly, the association is offering all available welfare to these members and ensuring the best support for them and their families."

Mr McRandle says today’s shooting is yet another example of the terrible consequences of the proliferation of easily accessible firearms throughout New Zealand communities.

"Earlier today we read that there were more than 900 firearm offences in Auckland this year alone. In the past five years 350 people have been shot and injured across Auckland. Daily there are incidents of innocent members of the public being caught in gun violence, armed robberies and car-jackings, inter-gang warfare with firearms involved, and police officers also being shot at.

"We are witnessing a policing environment that is progressively more and more dangerous and it is no surprise to the association that the majority of its constabulary members believe they need to be armed."

The officers involved in today’s incident will now face four inquiries:

-The Police inquiry into the details of what happened this morning

-The IPCA will conduct an independent inquiry

-In time there will be a coronial inquiry into the death

-Police also conduct an internal inquiry into practice, policy and procedure during the incident.

The incident will also be reported to WorkSafe New Zealand.

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