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Registrations are open for the International Women in Policing Conference being held in New Zealand for the first time next year.

New Zealand Police has secured the rights to host the event in Auckland, September 17-21, 2023, and Inspector Wendy Spiller has been seconded as the director of the conference.

The conference, which is likely to attract up to 700 attendees, is a joint event for ACWAP and the International Association of Women in Police (IWAP).

The conference is expected to be well supported by staff from Australia police jurisdictions as well as law enforcement representatives from many other countries.

Last month, Inspector Spiller attended the IAWP 2022 conference in Niagara Falls, Canada, with attendees from 44 countries and the 2023 conference was promoted by a team from New Zealand and ACWAP.

IAWP is a global organisation for female and male officers and staff in other criminal justice roles. Its mission is to strengthen, unite and raise the capacity of women police around the world.

It offers female police officers a range of resources and networking opportunities, while promoting women in law enforcement, corrections and other criminal justice professions.

The 2023 conference, which is open to all genders and all law enforcement agencies, will include workshops and training seminars and IAWP and ACWAP award events.

New Zealand staff having previously received recognition at these awards ceremonies and have also given presentations at both IAWP and ACWAP conferences.

An impressive opening “Parade of Nations”, featuring members of police forces from many counties, is a highlight of each international conference and will be part of the Auckland event.

Speakers at the Niagara conference included Irish Garda Deputy Commissioner Shawna Coxon, retired Minneapolis chief of police Janee L Harteau, psychologist and author Dr Jody Carrington and human rights activist and author Timea E Nagy.

The 2023 organising committee is currently calling for abstracts for the Auckland conference. The closing date for submissions is November 30, 2022. The link to submit is

For more information and registration, visit

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