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Kylie and her husband Andrew.

The Police Association's new senior employment adviser district for Counties Manukau.

Congratulations on joining the SEAD team. It’s almost a full circle for you, having previously been a police officer in CM. Why did you join Police and why did you leave?

It’s a cliche, but I joined to help the community, although I was very young and after the birth of my two daughters, I knew that there were other things I needed to accomplish. I went to work for the National Enforcement Unit of the (then) Ministry of Economic Development, and then moved to the Serious Fraud Office as an investigator before eventually moving to Air NZ for nearly 10 years. I didn’t know my path would lead me back to the Police whānau, but it’s a nice surprise that it has.

How do you think policing has changed since you left?

It’s always been an unpredictable environment, but the increase in gang violence, firearms, drugs and the arrival of the 501s have changed the landscape and the risk of violence to our members is seemingly far more prevalent than when I was policing.

What skills do you bring from your most recent role at Air NZ?

I was a people specialist business partner for ground operations, providing guidance and advice to senior leaders. There are so many transferable skills you learn working for a large, complex, operational organisation like Air NZ, but the most important “skills” are my morals and values – being honest and transparent, collaborative, open minded, an active listener and treating others with respect and dignity. Pretty basic, right?

Tell us about your background and where you grew up?

I grew up in the Howick/Pakuranga area but spent a lot of my adult life raising my family with my husband, Andrew, also a police officer, in rural South Auckland on a lifestyle property. We recently had an unexpected opportunity to buy my parents’ house, so we have moved back to my childhood stomping ground.

What is the best thing about living in Counties Manukau?

It’s certainly not the traffic! There’s rich diversity in Counties and with that comes some fabulous, authentic ethnic food spots. I also love that I am close to my parents and grandparents, which is important to me as they get older.

You’re part of a boxing dynasty that includes your father, Lance Revill, and your husband, Senior Sergeant Andrew Bell, who is a boxing referee. You are also a boxing referee. How did that happen, and do you ever put the gloves on?

I spent my childhood at Dad’s side in his boxing gym, so it was a natural progression into the sport. I joined the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association in my early 20s and have been a judge/referee ever since. I was recently elected vice-president. I’m proud to follow Dad’s legacy and continue the amazing contribution of the few women in this male-dominated sport. Yes, I have put on the gloves and even had three pro fights. I love boxing, and I’m always keen to chat about it.

Andrew was named as the Police Association’s 2021 Umpire/Referee of the Year. How are the rivalry levels in your house?

Everyone in my household is super competitive! However, when it comes to individual pursuits, we are very supportive of each other.

Perhaps your refereeing skills will come in handy in employment disputes?

Boxing gloves for employment disputes – that’s a novel thought!

After the excitement and drama of boxing competitions, what do you do to wind down?

I am an active relaxer and sports nut. I love playing and watching sport. I also enjoy trail running and hiking and have recently discovered tennis. I love reading too and have discovered I can combine that with exercise using audiobooks and podcasts. I love spending quality time with family and friends, and I’m partial to a dry rose and good cheese.

The country has been through challenging times in the past two years. What are your hopes and plans for the future?

I’m hoping that lockdowns, masks and isolations are a thing of the past. From a personal perspective, I’ve been toying with completing some postgraduate studies, but will reassess this after I have spent some time with my feet under the desk.

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