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  • Police Association fully supportive of gang crackdown

    Media ReleasesNZPA

    The New Zealand Police Association welcomes the Police nationwide initiative to crack down on gangs, targeting their firearms, violence, and the proceeds of their crimes.

  • Police Association concerned at slowdown in recruitment process

    NewsRecent NewsNZ Herald

    The Police Association says it doesn't make sense for government to slow down the police recruitment drive. The government is 500 shy of its pledge for 1800 net extra officers, and Chris Cahill says delaying recruitment puts at risk the tangible gains of extra officers out on the streets.

  • Chris Cahill on bullying within Police and improving workplace culture

    NewsRecent NewsRNZ

    Chris Cahill says there’s a lot of work to do with improving culture within Police, but getting an idea of the scale of the problem of bullying and workplace culture is a good first step.

  • How do you record hate crimes without a hate crime law?

    NewsRecent NewsNZ Herald

    Chris Cahill explains the difficulty for police to record hate complaints when NZ does not have a hate crime law.

  • Petition from Matthew Hunt's mother presented to Parliament

    NewsRecent News

    A petition was delivered to Parliament on Dec. 2 by Diane Hunt, the mother of slain police officer Matthew Hunt. The petition, signed by more than 39,000 people, is seeking amendments to the Sentencing Act and Parole Act to automatically deny parole for those convicted of murdering police officers. Speaking on the steps of Parliament in front of crosses commemorating all New Zealand police slain on duty, Diane Hunt said she hoped the pain she had suffered was something no one else would have to go through. Standing alongside were Police Minister Poto Williams, Opposition police spokesperson Simeon Brown and National MP Mark Mitchell, among others. Police Association President Chris Cahill was in attendance for the handover.

  • Chris Cahill debates the upcoming cannabis legalisation referendum

    NewsRecent NewsNZHerald

    Chris took part in a live Newstalk debate alongside Ross Bell (NZ Drug Foundation), Khylee Quince (Auckland Uni) and Aaron Ironside (Say Nope to Dope). The topics ranged from the impact of a 'Yes' vote on gangs and the black market, to how Canada has coped with legalisation and what it would mean for police here.