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Welcome to the Police Association Newsroom

You can access recent police media, Police Association media releases, up-to-date policy documents, information from our President and the Police News magazine.

Recent news

Police News goes digital this month

Media ReleasesNZPA

The April edition of the Police Association’s monthly magazine Police News is published in digital form only.

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Ears & eyes to the ground

Featured ArticlesNZPA

From death, destruction and serious crime to royal visits, the Police Specialist Search Group will be part of the response or the preparation.

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Recruit wings take off without patrons

Featured ArticlesNZPA

The Police College is running out of patrons.

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Katie Perkins: White Fern with a heart of gold

Featured ArticlesEllen Brook - NZPA

The Police Association Sportsperson of the Year 2019 talks to Ellen Brook.

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