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Welcome to the Police Association Newsroom

You can access recent police media, Police Association media releases, up-to-date policy documents, information from our President and the Police News magazine.

Recent news

Police confiscate AK-47, submachine gun, and meth in North Shore drug bust.

NewsRecent NewsNZHerald

Police found two illegal firearms at the properties - an AK-47 and a submachine gun, pistols, ammunition, meth, cash and jewellery.

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New Zealand's force grows while the world calls to defund police

NewsRecent NewsStuff

New Zealand is forging ahead with the coalition Government’s promise to add an extra 1800 police - a plan seemingly at odds with moves by others to…

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Funeral for Constable Matthew Hunt to be held at Eden Park

NewsRecent NewsNZ Herald

Police is still finalising details with Constable Hunt's family, including his mother Diane and sister Eleanor, but the Herald has confirmed with…

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NZ Herald Editorial: Blood on a blue police uniform is a stain on a nation

NewsRecent NewsNZHerald

New Zealanders urged to reflect on how much respect and appreciation we have for the blue line which walks amongst and ahead of us, as our last shield…

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