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A contents policy that will give you confidence to know your possessions are covered up to a maximum specified amount if they are accidentally lost or damaged. As well as repair or replacement for most contents, you’ll get automatic benefits such as cover for alternative accommodation. For more information on what's covered - click here.

Street address of contents to be insured:

If you need help working out the value of your contents - click here.

Contents - specified items

Provide details of any:

  • single item of jewellery or watch over $3,000
  • multiple items of jewellery or watches totalling over $15,000
  • camera (film, video or digital including accessories), bicycle, collections or remotely piloted aircraft over $3,000
  • single piece of Art over $25,000
  • watercraft over $2,000
  • money or unset precious stones in total over $1,000
  • parts and accessories in total over $2,500